English-Speaking Prayer Group

The English-Speaking Prayer Group first met in January 2000. One of the North American members of our fellowship invited other native English speakers to her home to spend time praying in English. Although many of the group are fluent German speakers (and some native German speakers), the group was founded for people with a desire to pray in English in a relaxed atmosphere, taking the opportunity to communicate with our Heavenly Father without the temptation of being distracted by sentence structure, adjective endings or pronunciation.

We meet at 19:30 on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, with each meeting being hosted by a different member of the group. Our meetings are usually divided into 2 parts, firstly a time of sharing answers to prayers and bring requests to the awareness of the rest of the group. To finish, we have a time of open prayer, with all members of the group having the opportunity to pray aloud if they want.
A list, of items for prayer, is circulated by email afterwards, to allow each of us to continue praying in an informed way between the meetings.
So far at the meetings, attendance has ranged between 3 and 20, approximately 40 people have joined us, at least once, and more than 10 nationalities have been represented.

For more information, contact Lisa Abel on 06201-959687.